Our grant and project ended in April 2022! The past few months have been very busy with final project wrap-up and reporting out. Now that most of that is completed, here is a summary of delivered features, documentation, and next steps.

Delivered Features

Project deliverables introduced significant structural improvements and new features to the Samvera Community’s Hyku platform. The following features are all available in community code. Our Adoption Path living community document gives technical specifications.

  1. Cross tenant search
  2. Auto-expiration of embargoes and leases
  3. DOI minting in deposit form (DataCite integration)
  4. Auto-fill metadata fields with DOI in a single record
    (both DataCite and Crossref)
  5. Auto-population of records with bulk DOIs through Unpaywall
  6. Auto-population of records with bulk /list of ORCID IDs
  7. Mint DOIs while importing through Bulkrax
  8. RIS (Research Information Systems) citation related export
  9. Integration with ORCID, author identifier (WP3)
  10. In-browser PDF display and annotation through Hypothes.is



Developer documentation: 

Reports and Presentations:

Future Plans

Ongoing community engagement:

Post-Project Update, June 2022