February, 2020

The Advancing Hyku team is delighted to share our roadmap for this project through 2021. Here’s the thumbnail:

Updated February 6, 2020

We have submitted it for inclusion in the community’s comprehensive Samvera Roadmap Council work, too. Can’t read the eyechart above? Context for completed and upcoming segments of work:

Our planning phase, including development roadmap, descriptions and postings for Ubiquity position and British Library position, and chunking of work into manageable packages, is complete.

Assessment Work Upcoming:

  • UI/UX Assessment (UP, in progress)
  • Architecture Assessment (BL, in progress)
  • Migration Case Study (UVA, March-April 2020). Architecture Assessment recommendations are prerequisite.
  • Preservation Pathways (UVA, Summer 2020). Migration Case Study recommendations are prerequisite)

Development Work Upcoming:

  • OA Content Auto Population (BL, March 2020) Developer hire is prerequisite. Enhances repository population by identifing relevant content and importing metadata from sources such as Unpaywall, OA Button, and OA publishers such as PLOS, Hindawi, etc.
  • IR Metrics Phase 1 – Institution (BL, March 2020). Developer hire is prerequisite. For the institution, metrics should demonstrate that the institution’s research has a high impact, with demonstrable readership, interaction and reuse. These metrics should be useful for ingest into CRIS systems and for reporting.
  • Author Profile Sync (BL, Summer 2020). OA Content Auto Population is prerequisite. Makes self deposit easier by identifying authors’ contents and importing metadata for them from sources such as ORCID, Sherpa/Romeo, etc.
  • IR Metrics Phase 2 – Faculty (BL, Fall 2020). Metrics Phase 1 is prerequisite. For faculty, the metrics should demonstrate that material in the repository is being read, interacted with and reused, and this should encourage them to self-deposit additional works.

That pretty much covers Year One of the project. We will post updates here and in Samvera and Open Repositories channels as they happen.

Advancing Hyku Roadmap
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