Samvera Virtual Connect meeting took place on 20-21 April with the participation of over 120 Samverans and others with interest in Samvera. The programme was packed with demonstrations of useful applications, different implementations of software components and tools in Hyrax, Hyku, Avalon as well as community and working group updates. 

The programme with the links to the slides and the recording of the talks is available on the Samvera wiki space.  

We would like to draw your attention to the online map of Samvera-based repositories which was demoed by Samvera Marketing Working Group during the Virtual Connect. This interactive map takes you to the Samvera implementations all over the world with descriptions of the repositories and even by highlighting their notable collections. 

Hyku was well represented in a number of talks in the Virtual Connect meeting. Kevin Kochanski from Notch8 gave a community update where Lea Ann Bradford and April Rieger also from Notch8 presented upcoming custom themes work which is done for the Hyku for Consortia project run by PALNI and PALCI. This custom theming will allow repositories to choose the appropriate interface of their choice. 
Ellen Ramsey from University of Virginia presented (see also the recording) a year-two update for the Advancing Hyku project. She highlighted the adjustments made based on the results of the community input survey for feature prioritization back in December. Based on the community input and also due to the extension of the project time frame until February 2020, an updated timeline was shared with the audience.

Figure 1. Advancing Hyku Project timeline through February 2022.
Figure 1. Advancing Hyku Project timeline through February 2022.

Advancing Hyku team continues strengthening the collaboration with the community projects (e.g. Hyku for Consortia, Oregon Digital Hyrax Analytics) to avoid duplications of efforts and maximize the efficiency of the work.

Brian Hole from Ubiquity Press summarised the development work in the Advancing Hyku project. He explained that Hyku 3.0 collaboration and contributions including Bulkrax, tenant theming, and embargoes took place and architecture assessment for Hyku as well as the response to this report were already completed. The Advancing Hyku team is currently testing Hyku 2/3 alignment and metrics – phase 1 to feed back to the community codebase. In parallel, Ubiquity Press is also working on ORCID, author ID integrations and profile sync, and auto population of open access content from external sources. Up next, the team will work on the in-browser display of works and preservation packaging in the second half of the year. For the purpose of enhancing user experience, Ubiquity Press will conduct in-depth interviews for remaining work. 

Ilkay Holt from the British Library continues to lead Advancing Hyku stewardship of an open, collaborative environment to display the ongoing work within the project and also at the community level. Advancing Hyku has already been using GitHub project boards to showcase the feature developments and user stories. After the Samvera Hyku Interest Group meetings included this issue in their agendas in the last few months, together with the Community, we have collaboratively decided to use Samvera’s Hyku Github account to capture the features being developed across projects and partners in the Hyku Community. This public board is to be used as a roadmap for Samvera’s Hyku. It offers an open, collaborative environment and helps to identify the players in the Hyku repository community. Hyku implementers are encouraged not only to track ongoing development work but also to contribute by adding their work of repository feature developments onto the board. Questions about how to contribute to the board should be directed to Ilkay Holt or Kevin Kochanski.

Post is by Ilkay Holt with contributions from Ellen Ramsey

Year Two Update at Samvera Virtual Connect