The Advancing Hyku team is delighted to share our project update for the period ending February 15, 2021.

As usual, the up to date roadmap (click image for full resolution view):

Updated February 18, 2021

Community Project Collaboration

This round’s update is not just about community collaboration. In true Samvera Community tradition, we wrote it together. Feel free to share widely! our post on the blog detailing the Hyku 3.0 release.

Thanks go to (^ denotes Advancing Hyku team member):

Chris Colvard^ and Kevin Kochanski for technical leadership and code contributions 

Heather Greer Klein for community leadership including drafting the blog post

Kevin Kochanski, Elisa Barrett^, and Ilkay Holt^ for making it way better after Ellen Ramsey^ got a little in the weeds.

It was a fantastic group effort, the full link is here:

If you are still reading and want more, check out our recent Outputs.

Questions, input, and offers of help welcome and encouraged.

Project Update, February 2021