The Advancing Hyku team is delighted to share our project update for the period ending September 1, 2020. How did a whole year go by on this project (and in these odd times) already?

First, the up to date roadmap (click image for full resolution view):

Updated September 15, 2020

Current Work Summary

Development is under way, complete with community code contributions. The following work has been completed by Ubiquity Press, and has been approved by the Hyku/Samvera community for contribution back to the Hyku/Hyrax Core codebase*

*Codebase: Hyku codebase allows for institutions with smaller technical resource pools to get a repository up and running quickly and maintain it efficiently; Hyrax codebase allows for institutions with more significant development resources to customize repository functionality for specific institutional requirements.

Team Recruitment

  • Ilkay Holt, of Turkey’s Özyeğin University and COAR, joined as British Library’s Advancing Hyku Project Lead in July. Her first action was a formalization and significant enhancement of the project communication plan, and now she is hard at work ensuring opportunities for Samvera Community input on Advancing Hyku.

Community Project Collaboration

In true Samvera Community tradition, our work continues to generate discussion and collaboration with other community projects. Of note:

The project team regularly takes part in communication channels, especially Hyku Roadmap alignment work this summer. Chris Colvard is leading our effort to keep the Advancing Hyku Project Roadmap aligned with the Hyku Community Roadmap as well as contributing to Hyku community feature development, while Ilkay Holt is enabling community input pathways for Hyku feature prioritization and functionality.

Within the Samvera Hyku Interest Group, the project team continues to collaborating with Hyrax Analytics to divide and conquering metrics and analytics, rather than duplicating similar yet distinct aspects of these frequently-requested features. At the same time, Hyku for Consortia and Advancing Hyku are partnering to prioritize contribution of Ubiquity Press code, developed for British Library’s Hyku multi-tenant Shared Research Repository, into the community Hyku 2 codebase as a prerequisite for future Hyku projects.

If you are still reading and want more, check out our recent Outputs, and look for us at Samvera Connect 2020 in October.

Questions, input, and offers of help welcome and encouraged.

Project Update, September 2020