The Advancing Hyku team is delighted to share our project update for the period ending June 1, 2020.

First, the up to date roadmap:

Updated June 9, 2020

Next, context for completed and upcoming segments of work:

“Hykurax” Project Collaborations

In true Samvera Community tradition, our earlier project updates generated great discussion and collaboration with other community projects. Of note:

Hyrax Analytics and Advancing Hyku are dividing and conquering metrics and analytics, rather than duplicating similar yet distinct aspects of these frequently-requested features:

  • Advancing Hyku is concentrating on author/depositor metrics, to demonstrate use and reuse of deposited content and encourage author deposit of additional works.
  • Hyrax Analytics will focus on institutional metrics to demonstrate that an institution’s research has a high impact, with demonstrable readership, interaction and reuse. These metrics should be useful for ingest into CRIS systems and for reporting.

Hyku for Consortia and Advancing Hyku are partnering to prioritize contribution of Ubiquity Press code, developed for British Library’s Hyku multi-tenant Shared Research Repository, into the community Hyku 2 codebase as a prerequisite for future Hyku projects. With the Advancing Hyku developer team now complete, start watching Github!

Team Recruitment

  • Chris Colvard (senior developer), well known to the Samvera community for his work on Avalon, joins Bertie Wooles (junior developer) in mid-June at Ubiquity Press.
  • Expect a British Library announcement for their Advancing Hyku Project Lead very soon.

Current Work Summary

The planning phase, including development roadmap, positions postings, and chunking of work into manageable packages, was completed in February 2020.

The assessment phase, including Architecture, UI/UX, and deposit and preservation case studies, and Work Package definitions, is nearing completion. Highlights:

Architecture Assessment: This major deliverable from partner British Library is complete! Get to it the on Outputs page or at in the UVA LibraOpen repository. Findings are already guiding Ubiquity Press developers on infrastructure improvements to feed into the project and back to the community code as Advancing Hyku project requirements are implemented.

Preservation Pathways: Partner UVA, though its Academic Preservation Trust arm, is writing plans to leverage work contributed to the Beyond the Repository Project and code developed by APTrust to integrate local preservation activities with distributed digital preservation systems. Preservation pathway implementation is projected as a Year Two deliverable for Advancing Hyku.

Foundational “Work Packages” of user stories and business cases from partner Ubiquity Press are public:

  1. Auto-population via discovery tools
  2. Metrics for depositors and authors (See below for collaboration with Hyrax Analytics project)
  3. Author profile synchronization

If you are still reading and want more, check out our recent Outputs, including the multi-project Hykurax Panel at Samvera Virtual Connect.

Questions, input, and offers of help welcome and encouraged.

Project Update, June 2020